Expats’ emotion room…

… because there’s more to talk than just about the weather!

Just arrived in the new country? For work? Study? Love? With family or alone?
Can’t feel like at home? Feeling lost? Sad? Unmotivated? Not fitting in?
New place shook up your relationship? New relationship of different cultures?
All mixed in one?

That’s the life of an Expat.
Living in the other country brings a whole lot of new challenges in your social, personal and family life.
You’re not alone. And if you feel like you are or can’t find a way out, you reached the right place.

I am an Expat Psychologist from Lithuania, helping other internationals adjust to the new country, relationship changes, individual past, present and future challenges.

Let's have a talk!


Individual counseling

Feeling constantly sad, unmotivated to do anything? Or having anger outbursts? Other feeling that is not going away and is affecting your quality of life? Then, let me help you reduce it, figure out the source and ways to control it.

During individual sessions we discuss your personal challenges, find underlying issues and ways to deal with them.

Couple counseling

Are you two struggling to feel heard and understood by each other? Are you dealing with cultural differences or feeling not synced-in?

During couple’s sessions we discuss your relationship dynamic. We learn to see and apply your communication and behavior in a circular (not cause-effect) way, where you both equally contribute to your relationship’s growth and tensions. You learn to solve the rising difficulties together, openly expressing and listening to each other.

What do we work on the sessions?

What can I help you with?

  • Personal crisis (strong emotional experiences due to unexpected change/event in your life)
  • Depressive moods (excessive sadness, lack of motivation, self-doubt and negativity)
  • Romantic relationship problems (loss of closeness, arguing, miscommunication, new (intercultural) relationship)
  • Analysis of childhood family structure and it's effect on your present life
  • Personal growth ((re) finding yourself as independent individual)
  • Preparation and adaptation to living in a new country

What do I not work with?

  • Career coaching (but can give recommendation)
  • Serious mental illness (if you or your loved one is losing grips with reality and having difficulty to communicate on a conscious level—reach out to your General Practitioner for further help)
  • Emergency help—in case of a life-threatening crisis, call 112
  • Children counseling—this is just not my specialty

Practical information

About me

My education and experience is deeply rooted with internationals. I have gained my B.Sc. in Psychology in the top 10 oldest universities in Europe (Vilnius University) and finished MSc. with honors in Clinical and Health Psychology in the best university of the Netherlands (Utrecht University). Also, I have completed exchange studies and professional practice in Lithuania, Germany, Italy and, finally, The Netherlands.

My professional approach is centered around Systemic Family Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which ideally fits in adjusting maladaptive mindsets and relationships in crisis—what is so common in the expat life (read more in my professional focus).

Living in all these countries and having constant international interactions made me deeply familiar with expat problems not only through professional, but also personal level. I breath expat experience—that’s how much I know it!

My personal story

Why me?

  • I am an expat like yourself and I work exclusively with internationals.
  • English is my primary language. But it’s not my mother tongue, so there is no pressure to feel shy or nervous if your English is not perfect—we will find a way to connect.
  • I've worked with couples, individuals, and families from different countries, cultures who faced various challenges—I am eager to listen to your unique story.
  • I can provide online counseling, either to assist your preparation for allocation or continuation after leaving the country.

My professional focus


Type Duration Rate
Individual session 60 min 70€
EMDR session 90 min 105€
Couple session 90 min 140€

More information


Consultations are held online.

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